Titan Arum Flower

Amorphophallus titanum the titan arum is a flowering plant with the largest unbranched inflorescence in the world. Titan arum is the largest native flower in sumatra indonesia.

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Its inflorescence consists of an inner flower spike known as a spadix.

Titan arum flower. This flower is famous and becomes the largest flower in the world which can bloom and grow up until about five meters. Titanum is endemic to sumatra. Titan arum flower when i posted today about the rafflesia flower mz cho from chateaux des fleurs commented that the flower reminded them of the titan arum flower.

As one of the native plants of indonesia the flower is claimed as one of the best indonesian national flowers in indonesia. I looked it up and found that even though the flowers look very different from each other they definitely have things in common e g. They come from indonesia they are very big.

Titan arum s flowers are very small and group into a massive flowering structure called an inflorescence. The talipot palm corypha umbraculifera has a larger inflorescence but it is branched rather than unbranched. The spadix is surrounded by a large petal like collar called a spathe which is green to cream on the outside and deep burgundy on the inside with a deeply grooved texture.

Titan arum amorphophallus titanum also called corpse flower herbaceous flowering plant of the arum family araceae known for its massive foul smelling inflorescence cluster of flowers. The plant is endemic to the steep hillsides of rainforests in western sumatra but is cultivated in botanic gardens worldwide.

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