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It is critical to establish the correct alpha and beta risks and gather the minimum sample size to ensure the power that is necessary. Flow chart on statistical tests to be used for data measured in nominal scale figure 2.

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This chart shows different kinds of data.

Statistical test flow chart. Flow chart on statistical tests to be used for data measured in ordinal scale figure 3. Normality test normal non normal 1 sample z test 2 sample independent t test for equal variances paired sample t test compare two groups compare more than two groups 1 way aov f test one group non paired data paired data 2 sample welch s t test for unequal variances interval or ratio data multiple comparison post. To test for the difference between variables various statistical tests are used.

Flow chart for selecting commonly used statistical tests type of data. The researcher is able to pick up the relevant flow chart to be used figures 1 3. When the retrieval setting for force distribution is set to automatic the default gainseeker follows these steps to determine the data distribution and method for statistical calculations.

An interactive flowchart decision tree to help you decide which statistical test to use with descriptions of each test and links to carry them out in r spss and stata. This flow chart helps you choose the right statistical test to evaluate your experiments based on the type of data you have its underlying distribution and assumptions as well as the number of groups and confounding variables you are testing. Statistical test flow chart.

Statistical test flowcharts commonly used statistical tests for six sigma project managers. Continuous discrete categorical yes no tests for equal variances means parametricnonparametric two groups more than two groups parametricnonparametric. It is primarily a flowchart but is arranged as a tree diagram to give visibility to four branches of statistical knowledge probability.

This chapter illustrates flow chart to determine the most appropriate statistical test. Made by matthew jackson. Based on a text book by andy field.

These are unpaired t test paired t test mann whitney u test pearson s chi square test wilcoxon signed rank test kruskal wallis test. Uniform distribution and non normal distribution modeled d u is the point above the median where probability x d u 0 00135. This chart gives an overview of statistics for research.

Flow chart for statistical tests summary. Flow chart on statistical tests to be used for data measured in interval scale. Flow chart for popularly used statistical tests q1 univariate mutivariable q2 difference correlation q3 paired related q6 no.

Of groups q7 sample size valid tests 2 student s t test 2 one way anova 2 mann whitney u test 2 kruskal wallis h test 2 20 fisher s exact test 2 20 chi square test log rank test kaplan meier plot 2 paied t test 2 repeated measured anova mixed effect regression 2 wilcoxon signed rank test 2 friedman test 2 mcnemar s test pearson s. Type of questionchi square tests one and two sample relationshipsdifferences do you have a true independent variable.

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